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Globally-Valid Multicurrency CBDC Released For All Countries

ST PETER PORT, Guernsey and NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The TUV Digital Currency released by Global Telephony Company (WM) not only renders all current Cryptocurrencies redundant, it also fulfills the role of a Global Multicurrency Wholesale and Retail CBDC-equivalent for all countries. An overview of some of its characteristics is as follows:

Accessible to any person with a Mobile PhoneYes
Is Freely Accepted and Valid WorldwideYes
Is a Fully Digitized Currency-equivalentYes
Is Internationally TransferrableYes
Is internationally RedeemableYes
Is fully Convertible between CurrenciesYes
Is an Online and Offline Payment MechanismYes
Functions within a Global ExchangeYes
Does not Disintermediate BanksYes
Has 100% Reserves of Funds on a 1:1 BasisYes
Functions PP2P with No IntermediariesYes
Can be Transferred Globally InstantlyYes
Is operational 24/7/365Yes
Is Compliant with Applicable Regulatory RegimeYes
Can also be Accessed and Used by UnbankedYes
Avoids Disintermediation of BanksYes
Avoids interference with Monetary PolicyYes
Avoids interference with Currency SovereigntyYes
Is Free to Acquire and UseYes

In the recent year-long review of the WM System and TUV by Professor Jan Kregel of the Levy Economics Institute, the WM System was compared by Professor Kregel to the International Clearing Union previously proposed by the English Economist John Maynard Keynes.

Similarly, Professor Kregel compared the TUV Digital Currency to the Bancor the Instrument proposed by Keynes as a form of Global Currency between countries.

Whereas Keyness proposals were for an International Clearing Union and Bancor that were managed by organizations, WMs System (a de-facto International Clearing Union) and TUV (a de-facto Bancor) are directly available to ordinary people worldwide.

TUVs can be created from any Smart Phone or Pre-Smart Mobile Phone, and then used for transfers, payments or other transactions worldwide between Members on the WM System. Their value can also be converted to and among any of the worlds Reserve Currencies.

In concluding his review of the WM System and the TUV Digital Currency, Professor Kregel concluded that the WM and TUV had the capacity to reform aspects of the current Global Financial System.

With the advent of the TUV, countries and entities seeking to produce their own CBDCs have a fully operational and real-world blueprint of how to proceed unless they start to use the TUV themselves.

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